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Proposed 2021 - 2022 Calendar

Posted Date: 03/31/2021

2021 – 2022 Proposed District Calendar


Dear Staff and Patrons:

It's late in the game, I know. And there are still a lot of unknowns, but I'm putting out the following calendar for next school year a little differently. Included is a draft with the following "guarantees" (assuming the Board agrees and approves). 

1. First, the starting date of August 19 appears to be what is close to most other districts close to us --- maybe not that exact date, but sometime in that week.

2. Spring Break will be March 14-18 unless there's some reason why we don't want to match the colleges. Thankfully, the Regent Colleges have gone back to agreeing on a common week.

3. You can expect the following days to be off due to the Negotiated Agreement:

      a.   Labor Day, September 6

      b.   3 days for Thanksgiving

      c.   A winter break of at least 9 days (This usually becomes 10 days if the Board agrees to approve an incentive day with the food drive. That day could be either December 21 or January 4.) 

      d.   President's Day, February 21

      e.   The Friday before and Monday after Easter, April 17

      f.   And Memorial Day, assuming the very unlikely possibility that the school year lasts that long.


The unknowns are:

1.   Additional time needed for K-12 training and collaboration associated with covid learning and social/emotional needs.


Wednesday "late starts" will be returning this year. There was discussion (and input) about replacing the "late starts" with "early dismissals" of a longer duration every other week. Feel free to weigh in on that, but I asked that it be considered in a future year when there could be more time for discussion and preparation by all stakeholders. 

Please review the calendar and provide any input that you wish. Before the Board acts officially on the calendar, the calendar committee will provide input as well.

Thank you all. 

Jim Sutton