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Budget Information


District Budget Information
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Welcome to Belle Plaine School District's Budget Information Site.  The goal is to make budget information readily available so that you can understand more about the fiscal management of your school district.  The Belle Plaine School District's intent is to provide you with accurate information that is helpful and timely.  While all districts face financial challenges as state funding for public education has been reduced over the past several years, work continues at the local level to ensure that all students perform at a high level of academic achievement.  Our goal remains the same--to provide a rigorous curriculum for students that enable them to achieve their future goals within a fiscally responsible budget.

Budget at a Glance

The Budget at a Glance document gives a snapshot view of the district's budget.  It provides a summary of expenditures and revenues in this year's adopted budget with comparative data for the two previous years.  It shows several graphs that break down the expenditures by function and fund for the last three school years.  Function tells what group expenditures cover i.e. 1000 equals students, 2100 equals support staff, 2400 administration and 2600 maintenance.  Funds determine which category monies can be expended for i.e. General and Supplemental General expenses for instruction, Capital Outlay expenses for equipment and building upkeep, Special Education, Food Service and Vocational Education are just a few of the funds.  It also includes information on enrollment, assessed valuations, mill rates and bond indebtedness.

2021-2022 Budget at a Glance

2020-2021 Budget at a Glance

2019-2020 Budget at a Glance

2018-2019 Budget at a Glance
2017-2018 Budget at a Glance
2016-2017 Budget at a Glance
2015-2016 Budget at a Glance
2014-2015 Budget at a Glance
2013-2014 Budget at a Glance

2012-2013 Budget at a Glance

2011-2012 Budget at a Glance

Form 150

Form 150 is the calculation page for the estimated legal maximum general fund budget.  The form shows how the school finance formula  applies various enrollment adjustments (weightings) to the district's estimated full-time equivalency (FTE) student enrollment.

2021-2022 Budget Form 150

2020-2021 Budget Form 150

2019-2020 Budget Form 150

2018–2019 Budget Form 150

2017-2018 Budget Form 150

2016 - 2017 Budget Form 150
2015 - 2016 Budget Form 151
2014 - 2015 Budget Form 151
2013 - 2014 Budget Form 151
2012 - 2013 Budget Form 151
2011 - 2012 Budget Form 151

Budget Profile

The budget Profile for USD 357 is provided for patron view as a supplement to the district budget. It contains general information about the district as well as summary information required by the Kansas State Department of Education.  It contains the current estimated budget for revenue and expenditures plus the previous two years of actual revenue and expenditures.

2021-2022 Profile Information

2020-2021 Profile Information

2019-2020 Profile Information

2018-2019 Profile Information

2017 - 2018 Profile Information
2016 - 2017 Profile Information
2015 - 2016 Profile Information
2014 - 2015 Profile Information
2013 - 2014 Profile Information
2012 - 2013 Profile Information
2011 - 2012 Profile Information

Three Year History of Cash Balances, by Fund

Budget Year 2019-2020

Budget Year 2018-2019

Budget Year 2017-2018

Budget Year 2016 - 2017
Budget Year 2015 - 2016
Budget Year 2014 - 2015
Budget Year 2013 - 2014

One Page Budget Summary

2021-2022 USD 357 Belle Plaine – Summary

2020-2021 USD 357 Belle Plaine – Summary

2019-2020 USD 357 Belle Plaine – Summary

2018-2019 USD 357 Belle Plaine – Summary

2017-2018 USD 357 Belle Plaine – Summary

2016- 2017 USD 357 Belle Plaine - Summary
2015-2016 USD 357 Belle Plaine - Summary
2014-2015 USD 357 Belle Plaine - Summary










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USD #357, Belle Plaine Schools
719 N Main Box 760
Belle Plaine, Kansas 67013

District Office 8:00AM-5:00PM

School Hours 8:00AM-3:25PM

Morning Preschool (M, T, Th, F) 8:00am-11:15am

Afternoon Preschool(M, T, Th, F) 12:00pm-3:15pm

Preschool classes will not meet on Wednesdays.

Phone: 620-488-2288
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